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Offering private one to one and group tuition for Upper KS2, KS3 and KS4 English students.

CSF Tuition offers friendly support for students from upper KS2 through to GCSE.

Whether your child is preparing for KS2 SATs, needs a little boost at KS3, or would benefit from some private tuition for GCSE English, CSF tuition is able to offer private, bespoke tutoring in the comfort of your own home.





Why a private tutor?


Image of girl studyingIt is the desire of every parent to see their child achieve their full potential. English is one of the key qualifications that must be achieved in order to succeed in future education or employment. Private tuition provides an individual, bespoke approach to teaching. No matter what your child’s ability, by working with a private tutor they will be able to plug any gaps in their subject knowledge, as well as boosting their confidence and ability in that subject area.

Private tutors are neither teachers nor parents, therefore even the most reluctant learners find the more relaxed, one to one approach more conducive to their learning and are more confident to explore topics they would usually shy away from, without the pressure of the school classroom. Your leaner will be able to work at their own pace while the tutor assesses their progress and can identify areas that still require further teaching. This is particularly important following the Covid-19 pandemic, as many students have experienced (and continue to face) interruptions in their learning journey. By offering online tuition, students can receive continued support with marking and progress updates from their own home.

Following a period of private tutoring, several parents have reported their child’s attitude and behaviour in the classroom has improved due their growing resilience and confidence.
Tutoring is also beneficial for high ability students with the 2018 Sutton Report suggesting that “private tutoring has a positive impact on academically talented children by helping to raise their aspirations and ambitions, which can increase their attainment or progression into higher education.” 

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